Card claims

Credit card claims are created automatically for you by your company. You will receive an email to advise your latest claim has been created and to logon and review and submit for approval.

Every expense you will have incurred for the last billing period will be displayed, but there may be additional information your company will require, like 'expense description' or 'purpose' or you might need to re-assign to another cost centre, etc.

If you need to update your expenses a 'red notification' will appear on the claim header.

Update expense type and other fields

When your credit card claim is created some of your expenses will be automatically matched to the expense types that have been set-up specifically for your company, but there will also be some expenses that were not matched and these default to 'select expense type'.

You must update any expense that has been created with 'select expense type' to the most appropriate expense type available in the drop down list.

TYPE: Valid, Personal, Disputed. By default when the expense is created it will be flagged as 'Valid', however it can be changed to either Personal or Disputed.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FIELDS: Every expense has at least one information field available for data entry and it may be mandatory. In most expenses this is called the Description Field, but some expense types will have unique fields, for example the entertainment expense will have a 'guest box' for completion.

ACTIVITY/PROJECT CODE: You may be required to choose the appropriate activity or project code to assign to the expense.

Attach a receipt

Attach the appropriate receipt from your vault. For more information about receipt management see the Receipt quick start guide.

Split an expense

Split the cost of the expense across different categories, cost centres and expense types. Use the allocate equal icon or update each split line individually by amount or percentage

Change the default

Re-allocate the category and/or cost centre from the your default to another from the drop down available. If you change the cost centre, the nominated company contacts will be advised by email

Change the GST

The GST rate will be updated from the information from the credit card company, but you can change the amount by choosing user defined and updating the amount field or select 'No' if the expense is GST Free


Your company may have created an expense type for expenses that have no GST applicable. If you choose this expense type the GST field will not appear.

Entertainment expense

The entertainment expense has a 'guest' box for you to complete. Just add in the number of guests in the appropriate field and the amount will be split automatically based on your company set up.

Mileage expense

Your company will have a default mileage rate that you can claim. Enter the number of km's and this will update the amount field. You can also nominate the registration number of the vehicle used.

Submit the claim

When you have updated all of your expenses you can submit for approval. If your company has created rules for mandatory fields to be completed and mandatory receipts then you will be prompted if these are missing before you can submit the claim for approval.

The expense lines that have missing information will be identified in 'red' and any missing receipts will be also be identified.

When the claim is ready to submit the 'red' warning message will not be displayed.

TIP: If you select a different authorisor from the drop down to approve your claim an email will be sent to your default authorisor and to the new authorisor to advise them of this change.

Pending Approval

Once submitted the claim status changes to 'Pending Approval" and the nominated authoriser will be contacted via email to approve your claim.

If the claim is approved or rejected you will be advised and the claim status will be updated to either 'Approved' or 'Rejected'.

If the claim is 'Approved' there is no further action required of you.

TIP: Once your claim has been submitted for approval all of the associated receipts will be removed from your document vault and archived. However, they will still be attached to the claim and viewable.

Claim is rejected

If your claim is rejected you will advised by email. The 'Rejected' claim will appear in your home page for editing. You will need to open the claim and update as advised by your authorisor.

The expense line/s that are in query will be identified in 'red' and there will be notes from your authorisor as to the action to take.

Once you have updated the expense/s you can resubmit for approval.