ATM Withdrawal

A tin top up allows you to keep track of the balance of the tins at each house. A tin top up or ATM withdrawal is run based on the amount of the transaction / withdrawal from the ATM then it is split into the tins according to your allocation.
Similar to a tin expense all required fields are highlighted in yellow.

Remember: The amount is the total amount that was withdrawn from the bank

Once the tin top up has been saved you will then have the option to "Split" the expense. This is relevant when topping up multiple tins from the same ATM withdrawal.

Once you launch the split window you will have the option to "Add Splits" this is the number of tins that you will be dividing the withdrawal into.
Next you will select the tins that you are topping up
Lastly you will need to enter the amount that you are adding to each tin
Once this is completed you can save the expense and the balances will be adjusted automatically