Tin Expenses

Tin expense claims are one of the claim types that can be created in expensemanager. There are three easy steps to follow:-

1. Create a new tin expense
2. Code the expenses and attach receipts
3. Review and save!


Step 1. Create a new claim

From the home page, click on the 'Tin Expense' link. This will take you directly to a new tin expense.

Step 2. Create expenses

Your new tine expense is where you can then code and attach your receipts. All required fields are highlighted in yellow and it will alert you if you have forgotten to complete any fields.

When you click 'Save' the expense will be allocated to your tin and the balance will be adjusted for you automatically.

TIP: Select the receipt you want to expense first and then fill in the required fields

Split an expense

Split the cost of the expense across different categories, cost centres and expense types. Use the allocate equal icon or update each split line individually by amount or percentage

Change the default

Re-allocate the House and / or the tin from the your default allocation to another by using the drop down available.

Change the GST

The GST rate will default to your country rate, but you can change the amount by choosing user defined and updating the amount field or select 'No' if the expense is GST Free


Your company may have created an expense type for expenses that have no GST applicable. If you choose this expense type the GST field will not appear.