Editing expenses

When your credit card expenses are added to your claim they may be automatically matched to the right expense types. If a match wasn't found then the expense type will be set a 'select expense type'.

You must update any expense that has been created with 'select expense type' to the most appropriate expense type available in the drop down list.

There are other options available for editing expense lines:-

TYPE: Valid, Personal, Disputed. By default when the expense is created it will be flagged as 'Valid', however it can be changed to either Personal or Disputed.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FIELDS: Every expense has at least one information field available for data entry and it may be mandatory. In most expenses this is called the Description Field, but some expense types will have unique fields, for example the entertainment expense will have a 'guest box' for completion.

ACTIVITY/PROJECT CODE: You may be required to choose the appropriate activity or project code to assign to the expense.

Split an expense

An expense can be 'Split' by using the split button. You can split by:-

* Category
* Cost centre
* Expense type
* Activity and project codes (if enabled)
* Personal

You can add a different description, amount and tax for each split.

You can add favourite splits. After entering the split for the first time, Bookmark the split to use again.

Re-assign an expense

Re-assign the category and/or cost centre from the your default to another from the drop down available. Note: If you re-assign, the nominated company contacts will be advised by email

Change the GST

The GST rate will be auto-filled from the credit card company at 10%. Please note that this is NOT the actual GST from the merchant. If your receipt shows a different amount you are able to update the expense line to the correct rate by choosing 'user defined' and updating the amount field or select 'No' if the expense is GST free.

Entertainment expense

If you choose an Entertainment or any other FBT related expense you will be presented with the fields to enter the recipients.

If your organisation tracks by ACTUAL recipients you will be presented with a screen to add the recipients. Add by either choosing from a user drop down or adding the guest name.

You can also add a tip amount if appropriate.

Entertainment expense

If your organisation tracks by the NUMBER of recipients these fields will be displayed for you on the expense detail screen. You just need to enter the number of each recipient type rather than allocating names.

You can also add a tip amount if appropriate.