Mobile Approvals

With expensemanager mobile, you can approve or reject claims on the go.

expensemanager mobile is a mobile extension of your desktop portal, so instead of downloading an app, when you go to expensemanager on your smartphone you will be automatically directed to the mobile site.

expensemanager on your desktop

expensemanager on your smartphone

Claims waiting for approval

Your mobile home page will list all of the claims waiting for your approval. To look at the expense details, click to open a claim to view all of the expenses and receipts.

TIP: You can view any notes from the claimant from this screen

Review each expense and receipt

Each expense and receipt is listed for review. Click through on the first expense line to view the receipt in larger mode and you can then scroll left or right to continue through the review of each receipt.

TIP: Tap on the receipt to view in full screen mode and zoom in/out

Query and dispute an expense

An expense can be disputed. Click on the query icon to open the comments box to insert the query notes and then click dispute.

Reject a claim

Any disputed expense lines are highlighted in 'red' text and the claim can be rejected.

TIP: You can add a note to the claimant before rejecting the claim if you wish.

Approve a claim

To approve a claim, click on the 'Approve' icon and update the acknowledgement. Once a claim is approved it is removed from your claim approval list.

TIP: You cannot approve a claim if there is a disputed expense.