Mobile Claims

Use expensemanager on the go.

With expensemanager mobile, you can snap pictures of receipts as well as create expense reports - all on the go!

expensemanager mobile is a mobile extension of your desktop portal, so instead of downloading an app, when you go to expensemanager on your smartphone you will be automatically directed to the mobile site.

expensemanager on your desktop

expensemanager on your smartphone

Step 1. Getting started

For easy access create a bookmark on your smartphone home screen. The process is a bit different for androids, iphones and windows so if you're not sure, go to our Bookmark guide.

Click here for a quick guide

Step 2. Add a receipt

Your home page will list all of your receipts in your vault that are NOT attached to an expense line. You can also access your 'Not Submitted' claims from the icon at the bottom right.

To add a receipt, click on the 'Blue Add' icon to take a photo of your receipt and update the amount and description.

TIP: For credit card expenses this is all you need to do! When your statement is created for you we will smart match this receipt to the associated expense line.

Step 3. Expense it

If this receipt is for a CASH claim you can create an expense line right now. Click on the 'add expense' icon and complete the 'supplier' and 'expense type' fields. The expense will be automatically added to your latest 'not submitted' claim. If you have more than one 'not submitted' claim available you can choose to add to a different claim if you wish.

TIP: When you expense a receipt, it will be removed from your mobile receipt list.

Deleting receipts and expenses

You can delete a receipt or expense from your smartphone. If you delete a receipt it will be deleted permanently. If you delete an expense, the receipt is moved back to your receipt vault in case you need to use it again.

TIP: Once your claim has been submitted for approval all of the associated receipts will be removed from your document vault and archived. However, they will still be attached to the claim and viewable.