New User Interface

At expensemanager we strive to give our users a simple and quick way to manage their spend and now with our new look it will be even easier for everyone to do their work.

The biggest difference with the new look is that all the work that has to be done will be presented on the same screen with easy navigation to work areas.

And that means it will be more obvious to know how to complete your Claim. Whether it's a Cash or Reimbursement Claim, Supplier Invoice Payment or a Purchase Order. And the new changes will mean a much faster experience.

We’re releasing the new user experience gradually. It is now available for the Supplier Invoice Payments and Purchase Orders. The expense module claims will be released soon. To help everyone get familiar with the new view there is the option to switch back and forth between the Classic and New view.

Classic view

This will be the default view and you can switch to the new view

New view

Switch back to the Classic view at any time.

The Launch view

When a claim is opened the launch view is presented. This includes the Invoice or the relevant document, the claim information, the approver workflow and the item list.

There are navigation tabs at the top make it easy to move between the new work areas - Quick Code, Item Detail and Notes

Quick code

The quick code work area presents the main expense details. This includes the amount, the date and the most commonly coded fields. The fields to be coded that are presented in the Quick Code work area will be relevant to the claim type. For example, a Supplier Payment will include a Qty and Per Price field.

Users can quickly code these fields with easy drop down options where applicable.

Item detail view

A powerful feature of expensemanager is our ability to capture enriched data and some companies will have extra fields for users to update.

This work is done in the Item Detail area. Every expense field is presented to the user for update and can be Split or Guests assigned for FBT related expenses. There are 'next & back' buttons to move between the items.


A notes work area is available and records the comment by the user with date/time stamp. This work area is for the Claimants, Approvers and Payers

Multiple splits

We've introduced multiple favourite splits. This will be useful if an expense has to be allocated to different costs centres, project codes, etc and is used often.

After entering the split for the first time you will be able to save this as a favourite split and it will then appear in your Favourite Split drop down to use again.

We've also added both tracking code fields and the description field to the split box.

Purchase Orders

When updating a Supplier Invoice Payment and the Purchase Order module is enabled there is a Purchase Order view.

New features

New features available now for Supplier Payments and Purchase Orders, are:-

* Supplier Invoice Payments created with the individual line items from the scanned invoice.

* Multiple lines in Purchase Orders

* Due date field

* Multiple favourite splits

Features that will be available soon:--

* The line item invoice scanning will be available as a configuration option by a Supplier.

* The due date field can be calculated from the invoice date and the supplier terms

* The Guest box will be available

* Editing/updating a supplier invoice while in the 'Scanning' status

* Matching supplier invoice lines to the Purchase Order items

* Attach a Delivery docket feature

* Item codes as a look up from saved codes

*Purchase Order favourite template