New User Interface for expense claims for TNA

In the past few months we have been introducing a new user experience. We have rolled out these changes to our Supplier and Purchase Order modules and we are really pleased to advise that this is now available for our Expense module. This new user interface is a simpler and quicker way to create, update and submit expense claims.

The biggest difference with the new look is that all the work that has to be done will be presented on the same window with easy navigation to work areas.

And that means it will be more obvious to know how to complete your Claim and a much faster experience.

The Launch view

When a claim is opened the launch view is presented. This includes the expense list.

There are navigation tabs at the top make it easy to move between the new work areas - Quick Code, Expense Detail and Notes

The quick code work area presents the main expense details. This includes the amount, the date and the most commonly coded fields. These fields can be quickly coded by clicking on the expense line. Editable fields will display.

If more fields are required for update the expense id will be in Red and you are able to click into the Expense Detail area to update.

Expense detail view

A powerful feature of expensemanager is our ability to capture enriched data and some companies will have extra fields for users to update.

This work is done in the Expense Detail area. Every expense field is presented to the user for update and can be Split or Guests assigned for FBT related expenses. There are next & back buttons to move between the expenses.


A Notes work area is available and records the comment by the user with date/time stamp. This work area is for the Claimants, Approvers and Payers

Split expense

We've introduced a few new features on the split function.

You can now split by activity and project codes (if enabled) and the description field.

You can now add more than one favourite split. After entering the split for the first time you will be able to save this as a favourite split and it will then appear in your Favourite Split drop down to use again.

Number of recipients

If you choose an Entertainment or any other FBT related expense you will be presented with the fields to enter the recipients.

If your organisation tracks by the NUMBER of recipients these fields will be displayed for you on the expense detail screen.

You can also add a tip amount if appropriate.

New cash claim

Click on Create Claim from the menu and Save to create a new cash claim. Once saved the +Expense icon will be displayed and you can add expenses.

Adding expenses

Click on the + Expense icon and the unattached receipts will display. Choose the receipts to add and create the expense line/s

Expense lines created

The expense lines will be automatically created and any information available on the receipt will be used to auto-fill the expense lines. If any information is missing the expense id will be identified in Red.