Purchase Orders

From your portal you can create an purchase order and send this to your approver. Once approved your purchase order will be sitting in your portal as 'Approved' and will be valid for matching to the incoming invoice from the Supplier.

From your portal, click on Purchase Order and create a new Purchase Order.

Create new PO request

A new purchase order request is launched for you. You can update the description field to name the PO. Your default approver will be assigned, but this can be changed.

TIP: If you re-assign the default Approver to a different approver they will be advised by email.

Assign the supplier

Assign a supplier to the PO. You can search for your supplier by typing in the first three letters and choose from the display.

Request a new supplier

If a known supplier is not found, or this is a new supplier to your Company you can request for a new supplier to be added. Click on the Request New Supplier

Complete the request

Update the supplier information and Save. This will generate an request to A/P to create the new supplier. You will be advised by email so you can complete the PO and submit for approval

New supplier pending

You are not able to complete the PO until the new supplier has been created.

New supplier created

When the new supplier has been created you will be advised by email to login to your portal and complete the PO.

Add expense

Add in an expense line for the purchase. You will need to allocate the appropriate expense type and complete the mandatory (yellow) fields. You can Split the expense if required across different categories, cost centres, expense types and tracking codes.

Attach quote

You can attach a quote from the Supplier. If you emailed the quote to your vault you can find it from here by clicking on the 'List' icon. Or you can upload a document directly into the Purchase Order. This maybe mandatory and if so you will be prompted before you can save the PO

Submit for approval

When you have completed the PO you can submit for approval.

TIP: In the Approver drop down list you will only see those Approvers that can approve a limit above the value of the PO.

Approval process

Once submitted the PO status changes to 'Pending Approval" and the nominated authoriser will be contacted via email to approve.

If the PO is approved or rejected you will be advised and the PO status will be updated to either 'Approved' or 'Rejected'.

If the PO is 'Approved' there is no further action required of you until the supplier invoice is received and matched to the PO.

TIP: You can always see the status of your PO from your portal dashboard.

PO is rejected

If your PO is rejected you will advised by email. The 'Rejected' PO will appear in your home page. You will be able to see the Authorisor notes and take the appropriate action.