Receipts and invoices can be stored in your expensemanager document vault.

Receipts to validate expenses and supplier invoices for payment requests. They can be emailed to your document vault for storage and use.

Your Document Vault

Access your document vault from your user portal to see the two unique email addresses that are assigned to you. One is for receipts and one for invoices.

Getting documents in

There are a number of ways you can get documents into your vault:-

* Receipts on-the-go
* At your desk
* In expensemanager
* Supplier invoices

From your mobile device

Take a photo of your receipt and choose the email icon to send to your receipt vault email address.

TIP:Enter the dollar amount in the subject line and we will match to the correct expense.

e.g. $67.84 Officeworks. If you add a description in the subject line it will make for easier sorting.

From your desktop

Email receipts or supplier invoices direct from your desktop using the unique addresses.

TIP:Email is the best way to upload receipts in bulk. Simply attach as many as you can to one email and leave the subject line blank.

We’ll add them to your receipt vault and use the name of the image.

How to access your documents

You can view and edit your documents in your vault but for the most part you will access your documents from your expense screen when updating claims and invoice payment requests.


From your vault

From your document vault you can delete an image if it has not been attached to an expense.

You can view and rename a document by clicking on the image.

TIP: Once your claim has been submitted for approval all of the associated receipts will be removed from your document vault and archived. However, they will still be attached to the claim and viewable.

From your expense screen

From the expense screen your document vault will be displayed next to the expense to be created or updated.

If a receipt has been attached to an expense it will be displayed.

If you want to change the receipt, click on the 'list' button to display all available receipts.

You can also upload a receipt from your desktop directly to the receipt and it will also be saved in your vault.

TIP: If you put the amount of the receipt in the subject line when you email the receipt we will smart match to the right expense.