Supplier Invoices

When you want a supplier invoice to be paid you will send these to expensemanager and the process will be automated for you.

In expensemanager you have a document vault. This is where you send your invoices to be processed. Click on the Document Vault link to see your unique email address.

Invoices to vault

The easiest way to get your supplier invoices into the vault is to forward the email from your supplier directly to your expensemanager vault, with the invoice attached.

TIP: If the invoice has been stored on your computer, send an email to your vault with the invoice as an attachment

New Supplier Payment Request

When expensemanager receives the invoice in your vault, we store the invoice and start the scanning and data extraction process to create a new Supplier Payment Request.

You will be notified by email when this has been done.

TIP:This process will only take a few minutes, but if the invoice is from a new supplier it may take a little longer.

Auto coded and ready to submit

When the new Request is created the supplier is matched and an expense line is created. If the supplier is auto-coded to an expense type then you will simply review the Request and submit for approval.

Coding required to submit

If the supplier was not auto-coded to an expense type you will see a prompt to edit the Request. You will need to click into the expense line and select the appropriate expense type in order to submit for approval.

How to edit the Request

Click on the 'red' expense line and open the expense window. There may be a number of fields you will have to update.

1) Select the expense type, 2) Update the mandatory (if in yellow) description field, 3) Assign a project or activity code if this field is visible

Once you have updated the fields, save the changes and you will now be able to submit for approval.

Duplicate invoice check

When the invoice is first received into expensemanager there is a check to see if this invoice has been claimed before.

An error message will be displayed to advise that a claim was previously created for this invoice and the claim number and user is also advised.

As you will not be able to submit this for approval you will need to cancel this claim.

Request a new supplier

If a supplier is not found the Request will be tagged with 'Supplier Not Found'. You can either search for the supplier and allocate or request a new supplier to be created.

If you request a new supplier an email is sent to Accounts Payable and the Request will be updated with Supplier Pending Review.

TIP:You will be advised by email when the supplier has been created and you will then be able to submit the Request provided all mandatory fields have been completed.

New supplier automatically requested

Some companies automatically send an email to Accounts Payable to review the unmatched supplier.

If this is your workflow you will automatically see the Supplier Pending Review message and an email will have been sent to Accounts Payable to review and create a new supplier.

Requesting a new supplier

If you are using the Request a New Supplier form, you must complete all of the new supplier fields and submit.

New supplier created

When the new supplier has been created you will be advised by email and you can then login and submit for approval.

Purchase order matching

If your company is using the expensemanager Purchase Order module, when the invoice is scanned we will look for a purchase order number. If found, we will match the purchase order to the invoice. If there is no match you are able to search for all purchase orders for this supplier and match. Until a purchase order is matched you will not be able to submit the Request for approval.

TIP:Some companies allow an invoice to be submitted without a purchase order if the invoice is below a certain dollar value. This is a company policy configuration and you will be advised if this is the case.

Submit of Supplier Request with PO

When you submit the Request with a Purchase Order attached it will be routed to either the Approver or direct to Accounts Payable.

The routing options will be determined by your company configuration.

Submit for approval

When you have updated the Request with any additional information that is required you can submit for approval.

TIP: Some companies may have a dollar value limit for an Approver. If this is the case then you will be prompted to send the Request to an Approver who has the required approval limit.

Approval process

Once submitted the Request changes to 'Pending Approval" the nominated Authoriser will be contacted via email to approve.

If the Request is approved or rejected you will be advised and the status will be updated to either 'Approved' or 'Rejected'.

If the Request is 'Approved' there is no further action required of you.

TIP: You can always see the status of your Request from your portal dashboard.

Request is rejected

If your Request is rejected you will advised by email. The 'Rejected' Request will appear in your Portal. You will be able to see the Authorisor notes and take the appropriate action and re-submit for approval.

Optical Character Recognition

When expensemanager receives the invoice to your vault, our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology scans the document for the following information:-

1. Supplier ABN
2. Date of invoice
3. Invoice number
4. Total amount of invoice
5. GST

If any of this information is not retrieved to complete the Request, this invoice is sent to our reject queue for updating. This process may take up to two hours.

TIP: Not just PDF invoices! We also scan photo images of invoices.